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A Brief History of Grigg Brothers

Grigg Brothers celebrates success founded on a formula of consistent quality and performance. This formula adds to a lasting Grigg Brothers business legacy.

In 1995 Mark and Gary followed in the footsteps of their father Golden and their uncle Nephi who cultivated their combined talents and ventured into many successful business projects together. Starting In 1934, they cleared a patch of sage brush in eastern Oregon and without resource or money grew sweet corn and peddled gunny sacks of the ears door-to-door. By 1946 they had purchased huge transport trucks to supply the demand they had created for their corn and other produce.

Grigg Brothers produce trucks circa 1946

By 1948 Grigg Brothers was the largest distributor of sweet corn in the U.S. using refrigerated rail cars to ship produce to all the major cities. Another growth opportunity came in 1951 when they purchased a frozen food plant on the Oregon Idaho border and in reference to this new location formed the company Ore-Ida®. This acquisition added potato products to their corn business in a major way. Several years later the crown jewel of their success came in the form of Tater Tots. The following is an excerpt from an H.J. Heinz press release in March 2004:
“Fifty years ago, the Grigg brothers -- the founding fathers of Ore-Ida® -- were seeking ways to more fully utilize the potatoes grown for their booming french fry business. From their experiments with a few slivers of potatoes, Tater Tots® were born. Little did they know that the bite-sized, golden nuggets would create a 20th century "gold rush," and become an American icon with lasting appeal across many generations.“

The Grigg Brothers of today have spent years developing, producing, and marketing organic and amino acid based fertilizer and liquid nutrients characterized by selected natural organic complexing and chelating agents for true foliar and soil based applications. The foliar fertilizers in the Grigg Brothers product line are uniquely designed for an unprecedented approach to plant growth and health.
In 2005 Grigg Brothers introduced a line of granular fertilizers to the golf course market. It is built on the same proprietary protein technology as the foliar line. This new high performance, high quality homogeneous granular line of fertilizers will provide the same exceptional nutrient uptake ability as the foliar products and will be available in both fairway and greens grade granules.
Like their father and uncle before them, Mark and Gary have combined their talents and knowledge together and actively work hard to create and lead a market for another widely successful Grigg Brothers venture.

Mark uses his expertise stemming from over 35 years as a business entrepreneur developing business entities both within and without the agricultural industry. Leading the company as President of Grigg Brothers has honed his skills in marketing, professional relationships, and all other facets of business development and management to help the company grow and expand its markets.
Gary, on the other hand, uses his expertise from many years of golf course construction, grow-in, and maintenance in the development of a product line specifically tailored for the turf market. Gary holds a BS degree in Agriculture and Entomology from Utah State University and a Master of Science degree in Agronomy from Michigan State University. Gary spends much of his time traveling on speaking engagements and seminar opportunities teaching the science and methodology of the Grigg Brothers Foliar Fertilizers.
To date, Grigg Brothers has grown to include many distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and growing.

Mark (left) and Gary (right) with corporate officer’s Will Carey (back left) and Bruce Williams (back right) at a BOD meeting in 2002

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