Friday, September 22, 2017

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Specialty Products

In addition to the Proven Foliar«, GreenSpec™, and Fairway Fertispray™ product lines, Grigg Brothers® offers  some utility products for specialty use. The same commitment to high quality and proven results are fundamental to these offerings.

Specialty products

  • GreenPIG™ And It’s Use As An Effective Turfgrass Management Tool


    GreenPIG™ is a premium pigment additive from Grigg Brothers® and is specifically formulated for golf course and sports turf facilities to enhance and extend aesthetic turf appearances. The use of pigmented products on fine turfgrass swards has increased in the past five years. The most noticeable effects are better color and quality – of both actively growing and dormant turfgrasses and improved, but as of yet undetermined, physiological benefits resulting in better overall plant health. Innovative opportunities start simple and… Read More +

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