Friday, September 22, 2017

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Grigg Brothers has proven itself to be a valuable partner in the golf and sports turf industry since 1995. Their Proven Foliar™ liquid and GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer technologies are backed by many years of independent university research and extensive field trials. Grigg Brothers offers turfgrass managers and greenkeepers fertilizer solutions with unmatched quality, performance, and compatibility.

GriggBrothers LOGO proven-script 300The Grigg Brothers proprietary liquid organic chelation technology uses only naturally occurring compounds which are nutrient specific and biodegradable by plant enzymes. This ensures efficient plant uptake, ease of use, compatibility, and safety. University research shows that our Proven Foliar™ products are quickly and efficiently absorbed by turfgrasses, limiting losses to the environment in the form of leachate or runoff. The Grigg Brothers technological advanced formulations helps to ensure no accumulation of toxic substances in the plant, unlike foliar fertilizers formulated with synthetic chelates like EDTA, which cannot be metabolized by the plant.

GreenSpecLogo 300The GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer formulations provide fast and consistent nutrient availability and contain natural compounds that enhance soil microbiology and chemistry. These products were developed with purity in mind and do not contain any waste fillers, manures, or excessive amounts of heavy metals. The result is an efficient nutrient delivery system with superior performance.