Friday, September 22, 2017

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General Information

GreenSpec™ homogeneous granules were developed in response to our customers requests for dry fertilizers that would complement the use of Grigg Brothers® Foliar Fertilizers.

The GreenSpec™ line has been engineered using our proprietary "protein" nitrogen (N) source technology to deliver the following results:

  • Superior performance with controlled and lasting color response and efficient nutrient delivery

Our customers expect the applied granules to spread easily without dust and to dissolve quickly to penetrate dense modern grasses.


Key Components

Protein (meal) based nutrient source(s):
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P)* components are obtained from specially processed animal products used in the food and flavoring industry. Much of this protein goes into soup, gravy, and bodybuilding supplements. These protein by-products are manufactured differently from by-products found in most pet foods, animal feed, and some fertilizers. Less heat is used, along with specialized enzymes that give the material soluble qualities. An increase in solubility often leads to increased availability and nutrient use by turfgrass plants
(see  Amino acid structures are left intact, giving them the ability to chelate nutrient minerals and subsequently increase their availability.

Great Salt Lake Solar Evaporated Sulfate of Potash:
Potassium comes from the waters of The Great Salt Lake in Utah. After evaporation, the natural minerals are separated using only hot water. This potassium is in its purest, natural form: no chlorides, no heavy metals and a low salt index. This product is certified for use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for organic food production.

* GreenSpec Zero Phos 7-0-14 does NOT contain P2O5

Iron, Manganese and Zinc Sucrates (U.S. patent #3567460):
Sucrates are natural chelating agents that increase nutrient availability in common turf soils.

Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum):
The proprietary type of kelp used in GreenSpec™ Fertilizers contain high calcium and valuable minerals, and is extremely low in salt and sodium.

Humic Acid:
This is a unique form containing a high fulvic to humic ratio derived from only one deposit of Leonardite. The fulvic acid fraction is extremely reactive in soils due to its molecular structure and can increase soil exchange and moisture holding capacity, buffer salts, and increase microbial activity.