Friday, September 22, 2017

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When are adequate nutrient supplies not available to the roots within the plant?

  • Closely mowed turf
  • Unfavorable soil temperatures for root development
  • Loss of root system from disease or environmental extremes
  • During periods of tissue hardening prior to the onset of environmental stress
  • Overseeded turf
  • Root zones with limited cation exchange capacity


Why Foliar Nutrition Makes Sense

Foliar absorption of nutrients by plants has been documented by researchers using radioactive isotopes. These studies have shown how nutrients are absorbed and translocated throughout the plant. Current research has shown that properly formulated Grigg Brothers® foliar fertilizers are readily and fully absorbed by turfgrass leaf tissue. Proper chelation improves nutrient use efficiency and provides superior plant fertilization.


Benefits of Foliar Nutrition include

  • Optimum nutrient use efficiency for overall reduced nutrient inputs
  • Better results in unfavorable root zone conditions
  • Better results without optimum soil pH
  • Recovery from stress
  • Improved response when soil temperatures are cool
  • Optimal control over growth
  • Prevents nutrient soil fixation
  • Improves performance of pesticides
  • Minimizes the potential for nutrient leaching
  • Nutrient use efficiency means economic efficiency


Why Foliar Feed with Grigg Brothers® Proven Foliar Products?

  • Safe and effective
  • Predictable results
  • No risk of tissue burn
  • Highly compatible with other turf management products
  • Quick response
  • Controlled and lasting results
  • Improved playing quality


Grigg Brothers® products have been specifically designed for foliar application and foliar absorption. All products contain "facilitators" which aid penetration into plant cells, effectively translocate to sites of action, and provide all or most of the nutrients needed by plants to chelate minerals. The facilitators are mineral specific, i.e. no two formulas are alike and are optimal for that mineral. In addition to special facilitators, Grigg Brothers® products contain an organic base, consisting of natural organic compounds which function metabolically and are found naturally in the plant.

Unique characteristics of Grigg Brothers®products include:

  • Nutrients are in the proper ionic form for optimal plant utilization.
  • Natural organic compounds "organics facilitators," assist in the vascular transport of all nutrients and keep them mobile and available for assimilation.
  • Chelates and/or complexes are naturally occurring plant based compounds and are therefore biodegradable by plant cell enzymes. There is no accumulation of residues in the plant or soil as with synthetic chelates including EDTA or HEDTA.
  • Natural chelates have high stability constants that permit micronutrients including iron, copper and calcium to be mixed with macronutrients (N,P,K) plus magnesium and sulfur
  • Grigg Brothers®products have a specific nitrogenous base that enhances absorption through the waxy cuticle of a leaf surface
  • Products may be applied to the soil, mixed with the irrigation water, or applied as a foliar spray. The natural compounds contained in Grigg Brothers®products enhance soil bacteria and may improve soil conditions, however, they are most effective when foliar applied to plants
  • Foliar nutrient applications are the most economical and effective method of fertilization. Grigg Brothers®products are properly chelated so that nutrients are directly available to the plant and absorbed through the leaf, avoiding soil fixation or tie up of nutrients.
  • Laboratory testing of the soil medium and plant tissue will enable you to customize a specific nutrient program utilizing various Grigg Brothers®products.


More about the unique Grigg Brothers® chelation & Proven Foliar technology

  • Grigg Brothers® only uses natural organic components that are selected to give the strongest chelate with a specific nutrient. Chelates differ in stability constants (strength, holding power of the nutrients). All Grigg Brothers® chelates are treated against phosphorus using a blend of natural organic and amino acids which will hold against phosphorus.
  • A single chelating agent is not the best for all nutrients. One nutrient may be held strongly, the others weakly by the same chelating agent. The form of nutrient (ionic state) is important.
  • Some products on the market are not 100% chelated. Some only put enough of the chelating agent in to claim its presence. Some chelating agents although classified as such by states may be ineffective. They also may not be present in high enough concentrations to keep the nutrient available for the plant. Grigg Brothers® uses enough of the chelating agents, regardless of cost, to fully chelate the nutrient.
  • The strongest chelate requires the proper form of the nutrient. For example, the ferrous form of iron is not chelated as strongly as the ferric form of iron with organic and amino acids including citric; thus iron sulfate used as a source with organic acids may be ineffective and poorly chelated. Grigg Brothers® uses ferric and ferrous in a combination at times so effectiveness is imperative for their customers. Grigg Brothers® uses the form of the nutrient and type of chelating agents to give the strongest chelate.
  • Ligno-sulphonates, Humic and citric acids are classified as chelates by most States. They definitely have a place but are not very strong chelates (complexes). Many companies use these and other chelates (and synthetic chelates) in their formulations. Effectiveness and translocation are main factors to Grigg Brothers®. Grigg Brothers®
  • All chelates may be combined directly with Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium; and remain in solution. The organic chelates have a high stability constant and are biodegradable.